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New single Being Friendzoend is out on December 9.

!!! Outlaw Days is out !!!

Interview with NeuFutur

Read about it here!

Outlaw Days

October 14

Behold Motherphuckin' Black Hole!!!

New album October 14

The video of 'Miles Above the Baseline' is now available on YouTube!

Release of Germ has been postponed again, new date is August 25. Or who knows.

First VANTA EP 'Black' is now on Bandcamp!

Check out Hangoverpiece by metal project VANTA

Posted 'SexGermWarfare' on YouTube!!! 🤣

Video interview with SBS is out!

SBS Live This Week - 067 - I, Symptom Interview 2017 from Jeremy Gladstone on Vimeo.

Including exclusice live performance of 'Miles Above the Baseline'

New release date for Germ has been announced: July 28

Now the I, Symptom YouTube channel has a custom url!


A video interview is going to be posted soon, thanks to SBS Live

Posted some visual candy for 'Sunday Dreamer'

See it with your own eyes! Click here!

Found my old idm record called 'Sunday Dreamer', created back in 2012(!).

Looking back, I am still really amazed by that shit.

Got plans with it. Stay tuned!!!

So, this month,Germ is going to be released

The contribution of I, Symptom is called SexGermWarfare

Collaborating with Mangabros is so much fun!!!

Craig Manga is a really inspiring artist

Lyrics for 'SexGermWarfare'

Here's a bedtime story for the human race
Also known as the Apocalypse
Also known as your worst nightmare
Also known as Operation Impending Doom III
Once upon a time there was a bomb
That could turn all your genitals into burning hell
Guess what the bomb is real
So you people get ready for the burning pain
This bomb is the worst of all
Worse than nuclear and chemical shit
You motherfuckers had it coming
Had it coming for all the things you've done
You're gonna be slaves of fungi and bacteria
You're gonna be preys of fungi and bacteria
Prepare for SexGermWarfare
Once you're infected you're so fucked
You cannot reproduce any more
You've got a one way ticket to disgust
You've got a one way ticket to extinction
Happily ever after
Rotting flesh and itches
This is the end of your story
So good night bitches

Looking for a manager!!!

Interested? Send convincing material to isymptommusic[at]gmail[dot]com.

Then we can discuss all the details.

Lyrics for new song 'I Need a Hug'

You have no idea about the shit that I'm going through
All the THC in the world cannot wash away my blues
I'm a mess right now sitting in the mess that I have made
It's quite an inspiration but I can't take it much longer I'm afraid
I need a hug because I'm losing my shit
And I'm sleepwalking daydreaming falling in a void
And I'm so hungry for the touch of another human being
'cause going insane is what I'm trying to avoid
Maybe I just want to avoid the risk of dying alone
Am I a perfect asshole tell me should I give up on myself
Or should I try to be a better person with 5star integrity
I would really do anything to make this frustration disappear

Lyrics by Balázs Söptei

Started to work on a song using an Android synth app. Plugged the phone in to the guitar amp, applied some serious overdrive, of course. It's a totally different approach, and it's really exciting. Working title of the song is 'I Need a Hug'

Surprise! Published the new song '000'!!! Added it to the '??? (not implemented)' collection.

Click here to view on YouTube

Click here to listen on Bandcamp

Or simply stream it below

Lyrics for new song '000'

Ooh I want you dressed in vantablack
I want you to devour all my light
before I make sweet love to you
visit the darkest corners of my mind
Ooh I got a deadly crush on life
I got a deadly crush on you
visit the darkest corners of my mind
before I make sweet love to you
...make sweet love to you
...make sweet love to you
...make sweet love to you
...make sweet love to you
I can't sleep at night
because I picture you naked by my side
I want to make sweet love to you
and absorb your beautiful light
You're my drug and I'm high on you
I feel crazy and I don't know what to do
the only thing I know
is that I want to make sweet love to you

Lyrics by Balázs Söptei

The new Clayfeet EP called Lucid is out on Sunday, it'll contain a remix by I, Symptom

I, Symptom & Mangabros collaborate again!

Writing a song for The Germ Project. Release date: June 30

Candidate songs for the new album are available on Bandcamp!

Click HERE to listen, and HERE to rate!!!

Hi, all!!! The website is now live!!!

Feel free to explore it. Further improvements can be expected.


Hello, friend. Welcome to the mind of an electronic rock and roll outlaw, welcome to my universe. Your journey starts here: X. From now on, you are going to surf on sawtooth waves and guitar-induced stellar wind. You are going to discover celestial bodies and constellations of sound and electricity, audio-projections of mental states I have experienced or encountered. In the core of these astronomical objects, you are going to find impressions similar to those you put in the drawers of your mind and label with words that remind you of emotions. You are going to find joy-songs, anger-songs, fear-songs, hate-songs, want-to-feel-alive-songs, made-a-terrible-mistake-songs, butterflies-in-stomach-songs, and even love-songs (from the unusual type), songs about things you and I feel. During this journey, you can expect anything that’s unconventional, but mostly, you can expect healing through noise. This journey is going to help you fill your drawers with energy, and get rid of all the trash. It definitely helps me.


Outlaw Days


Heal You

??? (not implemented)

Candidate songs for the new album

Handmade Love


Stars Explode

I, Symptom remix




Motherphuckin' Black Hole

Miles Above the Baseline


Triple Exclamation Mark

Am I Nobody

Chaos Is My Middle Name

The Merry Face of Spring


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